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Detail Guide - Wheel Care
Maintenance of painted, anodized and clear-coated aluminum wheels is not much different than cleaning body paint. First, wash off any deposits with soapy water. If the wheel is heavily soiled with super-sticky brake dust or road grime, some wheel cleaners can help remove them.
Painted, Anodized & Clear-Coated Aluminum

Mothers® Alumunium Wheel Cleaner and Mothers FX® Wheel Cleaner are formulated for use on painted wheels and other coatings that need a gentle approach. However, when applying them do so with a hose nearby so you can rinse off the cleaner within a couple of minutes.

When spraying on Mothers® Aluminum Wheel Cleaner or Mothers FX® Wheel Cleaner, keep a hose handy so you can rinse it off before the product dries on the wheel.

Frequent application of your favorite Mothers® car wax not only removes embedded brake dust but also helps to prevent the buildup of it between cleanings.

Follow each wash with your favorite spray wax — FX, Mothers® or Reflections® — for added protection, quick and easy.

Even though the basic approach to cleaning is simple, not all wheels are the same, and therefore require different types of chemicals. For instance, if you're not sure whether your wheels are uncoated aluminum or not, do a spot test. Rub a small amount in a low-visibility area with Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish. If it doesn't turn black, stop immediately. There's a coating of sorts on that wheel, and you must use a different product. Be sure to check your owner's manual or with the wheel manufacturer to make sure the cleaner you choose is not going to harm your wheels.

Don't let wheel polish dry on the wheel — maintain a black buttery residue while working, and wipe it off immediately. If it does dry, just reapply a little product and wipe it off before it dries again.

To remove stains and brake dust, a gentle polish is just the thing you need to help keep brake dust from sticking. Wheels that aren't clear coated can use an aluminum polish such as Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish.

Aluminum Wheel
Mothers FX®
Wheel Cleaner

Polished Aluminum & Magnesium Wheels

When cleaning polished aluminum wheels without a clear-coat, or open metals like magnesium, use Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish, a proven and popular product. Rub a thin layer of polish onto a portion of the wheel until a black residue appears. Add more polish as you go along, and don't be in a hurry to remove the dark residue because it acts as a secondary polishing agent. Once the wheel is sufficiently clean, wipe it dry with a clean, dry cotton towel so that you don't let the polish dry on the wheel—make sure you turn the drying towel frequently.

If you're not sure whether your wheels are uncoated aluminum or not, rub a small amount in a low-visibility area with Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish or Billet Metal Polish. If it doesn't turn black, then stop immediately. Your wheel is likely coated, visit the Painted, Anodized & Clear-Coated Aluminum section of this Detail Guide.

Mothers® PowerBall® can also be used with Mothers® Mag & Aluminum and Billet Metal polishes. Simply apply the product to the PowerBall® with your fingers and spread it around. A slight sprits of water on the ball will ensure even application. Start the drill on slow, then begin increasing the drill speed. Remove excess with a clean terry cloth or microfiber towel to reveal a top quality shine.

Or, to get the job done in a fraction of the time, use Mothers® revolutionary PowerBall® and PowerMetal® to bring out the maximum shine in your wheels. Simply attach the PowerBall® to any standard drill, pour Mothers® California Gold® Metal Polish right on the PowerBall® and begin polishing. Start out on the "low" setting, then slowly increase the speed. The Powerball's® unique closed-cell foam allows it to compress tightly to get into those hard-to-reach places. After just a few minutes you'll be able to use a clean terry or microfiber cloth to wipe the polish away revealing an amazing shine that used to require hours of polishing.

Mag & Aluminum Polish
Billet Metal Polish

Wheels of Chrome & Roughcast Metal

Some wheels need extra cleaning power such as chrome wheels and those made of roughcast metals. In this case, strong cleaners like Mothers® Chrome Wheel Cleaner can be employed. Take extra care to prevent the cleaner from coming into contact with other parts of the car, and don't let it sit too long before hosing off. Be sure your wheels are chrome or roughcast, because Chrome Wheel Cleaner can damage clear-coated and painted wheels. When doing chrome wheels, you can chase the cleaner with a chrome polish to properly finish the job.

When working on chrome wheels, chase the cleaner with a chrome polish to properly finish the job.

Chrome Wheel
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