Detail Guide - Interior Care

A downloadable version of our 8-chapter, 50-page color detail guide is available in Adobe Acrobat format for you to read or print at home.

If you have high-speed Internet, go ahead and download the complete guide. If you have a dialup connection, you may wish to download only the chapters you need. While the file size of each chapter varies, even the smallest may take several minutes to download. Save them to your hard drive so you only have to download them once.

   Complete Detail Guide   (2.4MB)

Or download just the section you need to complete your project:

   Chapter 1 - Introduction   (316KB)

   Chapter 2 - Interior & Cockpit Care   (504KB)

   Chapter 3 - Wash & Wax - Paint Care   (500KB)

   Chapter 4 - Tire Care   (248KB)

   Chapter 5 - Wheel Care   (424KB)

   Chapter 6 - Exterior Care - Cosmetic & Exterior Trim   (476KB)

   Chapter 7 - Preparation, Sealing & Waxing   (612KB)

   Chapter 8 - Tips & Tricks   (1.8MB)

Adobe has FREE Acrobat Reader software available for almost every OS platform, including: Macintosh, Windows, Windows NT, OS/2 Warp, DOS, Sun UNIX, AIX, Silicon Graphics Irix (SGI) and Sun/HP/Sparc.

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